We take what we’ve learned from our furry companions and deliver the same to you:

Loyalty | Friendship | Love | Trust | Acceptance | Living in the Moment

Dogs are not just dogs to us! All pupzclubbers are our family!

Our mission is to care for your pupz with utmost love, patience, companionship and safety in the best way possible when you can’t and to create a new standard for doggy daycares. We continuously ensure your dog has a pawzitive and unique social experience while in our care. As a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Associations (“IBPSA”), we are committed to their standards of excellence.

We have created a facility that exemplifies what we ourselves wanted for our own pupz. Also, our staff are dog lovers who are caring, attentive and trained to reinforce good behavior. They are all required to take set of educational programs prepared by IBPSA with an assistance of industry experts at FetchFind. The programs cover safety and well-being of dogs, including canine behavior, body language, group dynamics, general wellness and canine stress.

Dogs are not just dogs to us! All pupzclub members are our family! No matter how many dogs we care for, whether for one hour or every day, we are totally committed to maintaining our specific style and level of excellent service with every single pup that we have at our facility.

This is our absolute promise to you!

Our Story

pupzclub is a full-service dog daycare in the beautiful Arts and Business District of Rahway. It was founded by two sisters with a life long passion for animals. Their love of animals was instilled by their grandpa who when trying to save and help various homeless and neglected animals, created a small backyard zoo in Poland where the sisters grew up.

The backyard zoo was home to sixteen cats, six dogs, a multitude of chickens, goats, horses, and rabbits. The sisters’ favorite after-school activity was helping out with the feeding and exercising of the animals. In this way, they quickly learned how to care for and respect all animals.

After moving to the U.S. they received their business degrees and gained experience working in corporate America. In 2014 they opened up a dog transportation business to help busy professionals transfer pupz to and from dog daycares, vets and airports. Now the sisters are thrilled to bring their passion for pupz to their first brick and mortar location in Rahway!

pupzclub was created to allow pupz time to socialize and exercise while their hoomans are working hard for their treats and bones.

Their dream was to create an extraordinary space that had a five-star concept and the comforts of home at the same time. A place that is not only visually appealing but also provides the highest level of comfort and safety to pupz and eases customer’s concerns about leaving their pupz behind.

Dogs are pack animals and sitting alone at home is something that they really hate. In some cases, it contributes to their damaging behavior resulting from separation anxiety. It is so sad to hear them whining when you pass by many apartment doors. This is one of the reasons we decided to bring pupzclub to Rahway.”

– JK & AK, Co-Founders


“Dogs add so much happiness into our lives, so this is our way of giving back to these amazing creatures, their families, and our community. At pupzclub you are part of our club and will bee cared for!”

– JK & AK, Co-Founders