Our Pupzclub Facility

Here are a few key things to highlight about our facility:

Our play area is cage-free. However, we do have the ability to separate and divide the play area as necessary (see pictures below). We will divide the space by energy level instead of a dog size. There might be times when crating may be appropriate to help a dog relax or suit a particular dog’s needs. For that purpose, we also have multiple kennels available.

pupzclub is an indoor only facility but we have pet relief areas available throughout the facility, as well as in the back of the building.
We have multiple Kuranda beds available throughout the facility to allow our guests to take a break from all the fun.
Our HVAC system is fully equiped with PetAirapy UV-C lights! This technology eliminates bacteria, allergens and viruses. Elimination of airborne and surface pathogens also allows us to control odor 24/7.
Our guests will have a constant access to fresh water which is served in PetComfort feeding system which is NSF certified, non-toxic, lead, radiation, BPA and mercury free. Even our water dispenser in the Lobby includes a pet station for additional water access for those just passing by!
Did you know that music affects dogs in similar ways that it affects us? As such, we will play lots of different music at our facility.