Frequently Asked Questions


What does your dog daycare facility look like?
Our dog daycare facility is designed to provide a safe, clean, and stimulating environment for dogs. It features spacious play areas with secure fencing and play equipment, comfortable sleeping and resting areas, and appropriate ventilation and climate control systems with UV disinfection (Aerapy) to ensure the comfort of our furry guests.
How do you ensure the safety of dogs in your facility?
We prioritize the safety of dogs in our facility. Our facility is equipped with secure fencing to prevent escapes, and we have separate play areas based on size and temperament. Our trained staff closely monitors the dogs during playtime, intervening if necessary to prevent any aggressive behavior. We also conduct regular safety checks to identify and address any potential hazards.
Is your dog daycare facility supervised?
Yes, our facility is fully supervised by our trained and experienced staff members. They closely monitor the dogs during playtime, ensuring that they interact safely and promoting positive socialization. Our staff members also provide individual attention and care to each dog throughout the day.
What measures do you have in place for cleanliness and hygiene?
Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential in our dog daycare facility. We have rigorous cleaning protocols in place, including regular disinfection of play areas, sleeping areas, and common areas. We also have proper waste management systems and provide fresh water for the dogs throughout the day.
Can I tour your dog daycare facility before enrolling my dog?
Yes, we encourage pet owners to schedule a tour of our dog daycare facility. This allows you to see the environment, meet our staff, and assess whether it meets your expectations and standards for your dog’s care.
Do you have outdoor play areas for dogs?
Although we don’t have an outdoor play area, we prioritize providing a stimulating and social environment for the dogs in our care. Our indoor play areas are designed to encourage active play. Additionally, our trained staff closely supervises the dogs during playtime, promoting positive socialization and ensuring their overall well-being.
Can you accommodate dogs with special needs or disabilities?
Yes, we strive to accommodate dogs with special needs or disabilities. Please inform us about any specific requirements during the registration process, and we will work with you to provide appropriate care and accommodations for your dog’s unique needs.
Is your facility equipped with security measures?

Yes, the safety and security of our facility are of utmost importance to us. We have security measures in place, including surveillance cameras, secure entrances and exits, and trained staff members who are vigilant in monitoring the premises and ensuring the well-being of the dogs in our care.

Why don't you provide camera access at your dog daycare?

While we understand that some pet owners appreciate the ability to check in on their dogs through live camera feeds, at this time we do not have a capability to provide the camera access to external users. However, we can provide replay of the footage upon request. In addition, we offer alternative methods of communication, such as updates via phone or email. Our staff is always available to answer any questions or address concerns you may have about your dog’s well-being.

How do you handle emergencies at your facility?
We have protocols in place to handle emergencies promptly and effectively. We maintain records of emergency contacts and veterinary information provided by pet owners during the registration process.


Are there any age restrictions for dogs to attend daycare?

We welcome dogs of various ages at our daycare. However, puppies need to have completed all rounds of vaccinations and wait two weeks from their last round of puppy shots to ensure their immune system is adequately developed.

What vaccinations are required for dogs attending daycare?
To ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our care, we require up-to-date vaccinations. We require rabies, distemper/ parvovirus combo and the Bordetella (kennel cough).
Is spaying or neutering a requirement for dogs attending daycare?
Yes, unless they are younger than 6 months. By requiring dogs to be spayed or neutered, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of certain behavioral issues and conflicts that may arise between dogs. Here are a few reasons why we have implemented this policy:

  1. Reducing aggression: Unaltered dogs, especially those of the same sex, can display more aggressive behavior, particularly when they encounter other intact dogs. Hormonal changes related to reproduction can contribute to territorial aggression, dominance issues, and fights. By having all dogs fixed, we can greatly minimize these risks and create a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Preventing unwanted pregnancies.
  3. Health benefits: Spaying or neutering dogs can offer various health benefits. It helps prevent certain reproductive-related diseases such as uterine infections, testicular cancer, and prostate problems. By requiring dogs to be fixed, we prioritize their overall well-being and reduce the potential risks associated with reproductive health issues.
  4. Enhanced socialization: Fixed dogs tend to have a more balanced temperament, making them better candidates for socializing with other dogs. Socialization is a crucial aspect of our daycare services, as it promotes positive interactions, improves communication skills, and fosters healthy relationships among the dogs.
Do dogs need to be on flea and tick prevention before attending daycare?
Yes, we highly recommend that all dogs attending daycare be on a regular flea and tick prevention regimen. This is important to ensure the overall cleanliness and well-being of our facility and the dogs in our care.
Do you have breed restrictions for dogs attending daycare?
We do not have specific breed restrictions at our daycare. We believe that all breeds deserve equal care and attention. However, we assess dogs based on their individual temperament and behavior during the temperament test to ensure they can safely interact with others.
Do dogs need to be well-behaved and trained to attend daycare?
While basic training and good behavior are beneficial, we understand that dogs may still be in the learning process. Our temperament test helps evaluate a dog’s behavior and determine their suitability for daycare. We accept dogs with varying levels of training and work with them to encourage positive behavior and socialization.
Is it necessary for dogs to be socialized before attending daycare?
Socialization is important for dogs attending daycare, especially when interacting with other dogs. However, we understand that some dogs may not have had extensive socialization experiences. Our temperament test helps us assess a dog’s social skills, and we provide appropriate socialization opportunities and guidance for dogs who may need it.
Are there any health requirements for dogs attending daycare?
Dogs attending daycare should be in good overall health. We ask that you notify us of any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, or other health concerns your dog may have. If your dog requires medication administration or has specific health needs, we will work with you to ensure their well-being.
Are there any behavior requirements for dogs attending daycare?
While we do not expect dogs to be perfectly behaved, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all dogs and staff members. Dogs attending daycare should not display aggressive behaviors towards humans or other dogs. In addition, they cannot be water bowl protective. We assess behavior during the temperament test to ensure a positive and secure environment for all.
What is a temperament test for dogs in a daycare setting?

A temperament test is an assessment conducted by our trained staff to evaluate a dog’s behavior, social skills, and compatibility with other dogs in a daycare environment. It helps us ensure a safe and harmonious playgroup for all dogs in our care.

Why is a temperament test necessary for my dog to attend daycare?
The temperament test is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all dogs in our daycare. It helps us understand your dog’s behavior, social tendencies, and any potential challenges they may face in a group setting. By conducting this test, we can determine if your dog is a good fit for our daycare and assign them to the appropriate playgroup.
How is the temperament test conducted?
During the temperament test, our experienced staff will carefully observe your dog’s behavior in a controlled environment. They will assess how your dog interacts with unfamiliar dogs, reacts to various stimuli, and handles different situations. The evaluation may include supervised play, reaction to handling, response to commands, and other relevant factors.
What are you looking for during the temperament test?
During the temperament test, we look for signs of aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, or any other behaviors that may pose a risk to the safety or well-being of other dogs or staff members. We also assess how well your dog can socialize and engage in appropriate play behaviors with other dogs.
How long does the temperament test take?
The duration of the temperament test can vary depending on the individual dog. On average, it takes about 4 hours to complete the assessment.
What happens if my dog doesn't pass the temperament test?
If your dog doesn’t pass the temperament test, it means that our daycare environment may not be the best fit for them. We will provide you with feedback regarding the concerns observed during the assessment.
Can I be present during my dog's temperament test?
Typically, we conduct the temperament test without the owner present to ensure that the dog’s behavior is not influenced by their presence. However, if you have specific concerns or would like to discuss your dog’s behavior with our staff, we can arrange a separate meeting to address your questions.
Can I retest my dog if they don't initially pass the temperament test?

In some cases, if your dog doesn’t pass the initial temperament test, we may consider a retest after a certain period of time. This allows your dog to undergo further training, socialization, or behavior modification that may help them succeed in a future assessment. We can discuss the best approach based on your dog’s individual needs.

Can I provide information or notes about my dog's behavior before the temperament test?
Absolutely! For the safety of your dog and the ones that your dog will be meeting, we request that you provide any relevant information or notes about your dog’s behavior, past experiences, or specific concerns you may have. This information can assist our staff in better understanding your dog’s needs and tailoring the temperament test accordingly.
Will the temperament test guarantee that my dog will never have any issues in daycare?
While the temperament test helps us evaluate a dog’s behavior, it cannot guarantee that no issues will arise in a daycare environment. Dogs, like humans, can sometimes have unexpected reactions or changes in behavior. However, the temperament test significantly reduces the likelihood of incidents and helps us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all dogs in our care.


Do I need to provide my dog's food for daycare?
We do not recommend bringing your dog’s food for daycare. Our dog daycare is designed to provide dogs with ample opportunities for socialization, play, and exercise. We prioritize engaging them in various activities that keep them mentally stimulated and physically active. Feeding during daycare can interrupt these activities and divert their focus, hindering the overall experience and enjoyment. However, if you do wish for your dog to eat during daycare, please bring regular food from home to maintain dietary consistency. Sudden changes in diet can lead to digestive issues. Please provide clear instructions regarding feeding portions and any dietary restrictions or allergies your dog may have.
What are the benefits of sending my dog to daycare?
Dog daycare offers numerous benefits for both you and your dog. Your dog gets the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, which helps improve their behavior and reduces loneliness and separation anxiety. They receive regular exercise, mental stimulation, and attention from our trained staff. For you, daycare provides peace of mind knowing that your dog is in a safe, supervised environment while you’re at work or busy with other commitments.
How do I enroll my dog in your daycare program?
To enroll your dog in our daycare program, simply visit our website and complete the registration form (we are eco-friendly so the registration process is online only). We require up-to-date vaccination records, including rabies, distemper/parvovirus combo, and bordetella (kennel cough). We also conduct a temperament assessment to ensure that your dog is a good fit for our daycare environment.
What are your daycare hours?
Our daycare operates from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days per week.
What if my dog has special needs or requires medication?
We understand that each dog is unique, and we strive to accommodate special needs. Please inform us during the registration process about any specific requirements or medications your dog may need. Our staff is trained to administer medications and provide extra care for dogs with special needs.
What happens if my dog gets injured or becomes ill during daycare?
In the event of an injury or illness, our trained staff members will take immediate action to ensure the well-being of your dog. If the situation requires veterinary attention, we will contact you or your designated emergency contact. We also require you to provide us with your veterinarian’s information during the registration process.
How much does your dog daycare service cost?
Our daycare rates vary based on the duration of stay and any additional services you may require. Please contact us directly or visit Pupz Daycare page on our website to get detailed information about our pricing structure.


What is included in your boarding service?
Our boarding service provides a comfortable and safe environment for your dog while you’re away. It includes a cozy sleeping area, regular feeding and watering, supervised playtime, socialization with other dogs, and plenty of TLC from our dedicated staff.
What are the requirements for boarding my dog?
To board your dog with us, we require up-to-date vaccination records, including rabies, distemper/parvovirus, and bordetella (kennel cough). We also conduct a temperament assessment to ensure that your dog will be comfortable and compatible with our boarding environment.
Can I bring my dog's bed, toys, or other belongings during boarding?
You are welcome to bring a plastic or rubber personal item(s). We do not recommend bringing any bedding or fabrics. We do provide food and water bowls but if your dog requires a slow feeder please bring it with him/her.
What if my dog has a special diet or requires medication during boarding?
If your dog has special dietary needs or requires medication, please provide clear instructions and any necessary supplies during the boarding check-in process. Our staff is trained to administer medications and follow specific dietary requirements.
Can I receive updates or check on my dog while they are boarding?
Of course! We understand that being away from your furry friend can be stressful, so we provide regular updates upon request. You can contact our staff during business hours to check on your dog’s well-being, and we’ll be happy to provide you with updates.
What happens if my dog becomes ill or injured during boarding?
In the event that your dog becomes ill or injured during their boarding stay, we have protocols in place to ensure their health and safety. Our staff members are trained to recognize signs of distress or illness, and we will seek veterinary care if necessary. We will also notify you or your designated emergency contact immediately.
How are boarding fees calculated?
Our boarding fees are based on a nightly rate. Check out is before noon on the last day. If your dog is picked up after 12 pm, an additional ‘half day of daycare’ charge will be added. Please contact us directly or visit our Pupz Stays page on our website to get detailed information about our boarding rates.
Do you require a reservation for dog boarding?
Yes, we require reservations for dog boarding to ensure we have availability and can provide proper care for your dog.
Are there any fees associated with making a reservation?
We require a deposit at the time of reservation to secure your dog’s spot. This deposit is non-refundable unless you cancel your reservation with a 24-hour advance notice and goes towards reserving the space and preparing for your dog’s stay.
Can I cancel or modify my dog's boarding reservation?
Yes, you can cancel or modify your dog’s boarding reservation. However, please be aware that cancellation fees will apply if cancelled without a 24-hour advance notice. These fees help us manage our capacity and ensure that we can accommodate other customers’ needs.
How much notice do I need to provide for a cancellation or modification?
We require a 24-hour advance notice. This allows us enough time to adjust our schedule and offer the spot to another customer if needed. Any cancellations or modifications within less than 24-hour period, will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to a first night of boarding stay. This fee helps compensate for the time and resources allocated for your dog’s stay, which we are unable to recover due to the late cancellation.
Do you provide food or should we bring our dog’s food?
While we can provide your dog with a house food or food offered through our Pupz Shop (additional charges apply), we recommend that you bring your dog’s food from home due to the following reasons:


    1. Familiarity and Routine: Dogs thrive on routine, including their regular diet. By bringing your dog’s food from home, you help maintain consistency and minimize any potential digestive issues that may arise from sudden dietary changes. This can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort to your dog during their boarding stay.
    2. Special Dietary Needs: Some dogs may have specific dietary requirements or food allergies. Bringing your dog’s food ensures that their nutritional needs are met, and they receive the appropriate diet they are accustomed to. It allows us to cater to any unique dietary considerations your dog may have.
    3. Transition and Digestive Health: Switching to a new type or brand of food abruptly can cause gastrointestinal upset, such as diarrhea or vomiting. By providing your dog’s regular food, you reduce the chances of digestive disturbances during their boarding stay. This is particularly important for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to dietary sensitivities.
    4. Portion Control: You know your dog’s feeding routine and portion sizes best. By bringing your dog’s food, you can accurately measure and provide the appropriate portions for each meal. This helps maintain your dog’s weight and prevents overfeeding or underfeeding.

We also recommend the following:

  • Clearly label your dog’s food container or bag with their name, feeding instructions, and any special dietary information.
  • Provide enough food for the duration of your dog’s boarding stay, including extra portions in case of unexpected delays or extended stays.
  • If your dog’s food requires specific preparation or instructions, please include them in a note or communicate them with our staff during the check-in process.
  • In case you forget to bring your dog’s food, or if you run out during their stay, we have a backup option of providing our in house dog food for an additional fee. Please inquire about this option if needed.

Pupz Shop

Do you provide food or should we bring our dog’s food?

At pupzclub, we are committed to the health and well-being of every dog in our care. We believe that nutrition plays a crucial role in their overall health, vitality, and happiness. Therefore, we have carefully curated a selection of dog food brands that meet our stringent quality and nutritional standards. Here are a few reasons why we only carry selected dog food brands:


    1. Quality Assurance: We prioritize brands that have a proven track record of producing high-quality dog food. These brands often invest in research, quality control, and use premium ingredients to ensure the nutritional value and safety of their products.
    2. Nutritional Balance: We aim to offer dog food options that provide a well-balanced and complete diet for our furry friends. The selected brands we carry typically meet or exceed industry standards for essential nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
    3. Trust and Reputation: We prioritize brands that have a strong reputation and positive feedback from pet owners, veterinarians, and industry experts. This helps us build trust with our customers and ensures that we are providing products that have been well-received in the pet community.
How does your Pup Shopper Experience work?

For every $50 – $99 (plus tax) order you place with us, you will earn a free Half Day of Daycare (i.e. up to 4 hours of play time for your pup free of charge) and for every $100 + (plus tax) order you place with us, you will earn a free Full Day of Daycare (any day, 7 am to 7 pm). You can place an order by emailing us at or by stopping by at our store.

Are your food and treat prices comparable to others?
Yes, our prices are comparable to major retailers like Petco or Chewy. However, by shopping with us you not only earn free daycare but you also benefit from the convenience of having a dedicated local dog daycare that can provide tailored advice, recommendations and support based on our expertise and knowledge of your pet’s needs. We are passionate about dogs and committed to going the extra mile to ensure you and your furry friend have a positive experience.