Pupz Spa

Benefits of our Dog Wash:

Using a self-serve dog wash offers several benefits, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and improved hygiene for your furry friend. With self-serve facilities, you can wash your dog at a time that suits you without the need for appointments or waiting in long queues. It also eliminates the expense of professional grooming services while ensuring your dog receives a thorough and tailored cleaning experience, promoting their overall cleanliness and health.

It's Simple!

It’s easy to use! Includes shampoo, conditioner and a groomer grade blow dryer.

Open all day

During business hours.

Save Time Cleaning

You will no longer have to clean dog hair and dirt out of your bathtub.

Affordable and Efficient

$20 – say no more! For an additional charge, we can also wash your pup for you!

Soft Touch Wash Gun

Easy on/easy off – adjustable flow positions and pressure depending upon the need for specific breeds.

Easy Access

Dogs easily step up into the wash area – no need for dog steps/lifting. The largest and most furry breeds can be washed in less than 20 minutes. The majority of dogs can be washed in less than 10 minutes.

Easy on Your Back
The tub is raised to your level making it simple to wash your dog.
High & Low Speed Dryer Options

Non-heated air and turbo dry option will accelerate drying time.